To join the NH Resistance G+ Community, we have a process to verify you are a resistance agent.

First Please request access to the community from the community page NH Resistance. You will soon be contacted by one of the moderators (via G+) who will send you instructions and a code to paste into the game, faction comm window. Once this is done it will take us some time to continue the process (your agent stats must be public during the verification period this is a setting on the game app, under the ops menu and device). During this period continue to play, and enjoy Ingress.

After that has been completed you will be instructed to send a screen shot from the computer webpage. Please send a DM on G+ to +Bryan Rickman and +Todd Hannemann with a screenshot in game of you chatting on faction chat(please send a message to @butler and @redhook with your zipcode you are chatting from) using where your email is also clearly displayed and giving us the time chatted from.

Another way for quick verification is meeting up and playing with local already verified high level agents they can help you level up, give you some game advice, and report back to the moderators once you have been verified.

Thanks! We need to confirm your allegiance before we add anyone.