We apologize in advance for making you jump through hoops, but Operational Security is a serious matter. All Nashua Agents must submit to a review process before Community access will be granted.

Requirements for entry include at an absolute minimum...

...however trust is earned, and we reserve the right to require additional action wherever there may be doubt, up to and including a face-to-face meeting.

Only active Nashua area Agents should apply. Frequent visitors to the area that are actively engaged with the local team will be authorized on a case by case basis and usually by invitation only.

To join the Nashua Ingress Resistance G+ Community, please FIRST submit a Join request from the Community Page, and SECOND direct message +Eric Garbos, +Ernie Lassor, and +Neil S Tozier with a brief introduction. Attaching screenshots of your Agent tab (from your phone) and of a Comm post made by you in the area (from either phone or Intel site) may help expedite the process.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. We look forward to bringing you on board.